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Ittai Binnun -

Music from the streets of Jerusalem

“gaily crashes through cultural boundaries and will get even the most leaden-footed of listeners tapping a toe or two at the very least”

- Songlines magazine


Jerusalemite Ittai Binnun  is a world musician from Jerusalem. He draws his inspiration from the many different traditions that make up his truly fascinating city. During a short stroll through a single street in Jerusalem, you can hear chanting Jewish music from a synagogue, Turkish pop music, Arabic Maqqamat sung at a mosque, a Klezmer clarinet and a Rock band playing in a basement – all at the very same time! This rich cultural abundance all finds its way into Binnun's unique joyful music.


"A fun, moving and exciting album. A pretty good indication of where forward-looking Israeli ethnically-fueled musical endeavor is going"

- Jerusalem Post

My Selection

This is a selection of some of my favorite tracks. follow my music on Spotify or Apple music:


Aman Wasif - New song with the amazing Mor Karbasi available on all streaming platforms

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