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SIXTIES SAZ is an ongoing series of video clips of covers for known songs, mainly from the 60's, featuring the Saz, an Anatolian and central asian string instrument.
Ethno Digital - Gat
Ethno Digital - Gan
Ittai & the Toys - Oran
Ittai & the Toys - Mmmm
Ittai & the Toys - Masters of War   (Bob Dylan cover)
Ethno Digital - Kozak
Ittai & the Toys Live - No Idea
AndraLaMoussia Live - Intercontinental
AndraLaMoussia Live - Hishtapchut Hanefesh
AndraLaMoussia Live studio session - Dialogue
AndraLaMoussia Live - Meirock
AndraLaMoussia & Frank London IBA News
Bullvarian Independence PARTY!!
AndraLaMoussia - the early years ...
Hamishteh - The Feast