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SDS is an ongoing series of spontaneous duets with dear friends. improvised and unrehearsed these were all recorded and filmed live in my studio in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.
It's always fun to meet and play with good friends and this joy comes through in this series. Subscribe to my YouTube channel above to get the latest releases coming up.
Featuring : Gergely Barcza, Noa Vax, Joe Taylor, Yanush Horovitz, Eliyahu Dagmi and Tania Vinokur 
Ethno Digital - Gat
Ethno Digital - Gan
Ittai & the Toys - Oran
Ittai & the Toys - Mmmm
Ittai & the Toys - Masters of War   (Bob Dylan cover)
Ethno Digital - Kozak
Ittai & the Toys Live - No Idea
AndraLaMoussia Live - Intercontinental
AndraLaMoussia Live - Hishtapchut Hanefesh
AndraLaMoussia Live studio session - Dialogue
AndraLaMoussia Live - Meirock
AndraLaMoussia & Frank London IBA News
Bullvarian Independence PARTY!!
AndraLaMoussia - the early years ...
Hamishteh - The Feast