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“gaily crashes through cultural boundaries and will get even the most leaden-footed of listeners tapping a toe or two at the very least.”

- Songlines magazine

AndraLaMoussia, a six piece "world groove" band formed by Ittai Binnun in 2004. AndraLaMoussia means chaos in hebrew,  And like our name, our music reflects the diverse cultural reality in which we live. During a short stroll through a street in Jerusalem, one can hear chanting from a synagogue, Turkish pop blaring at a music shop, Arabic Maqqamat sung at a mosque and a Klezmer clarinet whistling away in a Hassidic celebration – all at the very same time! This cultural abundance finds its way into AndraLaMoussia’s music.


Ittai Binnun (wind instruments), Ofer Mizrahi (guitar), Victor Ezus (bass), Uriel Sverdin (drums), Moshe Nuri (percussion), Daniel Hoffman (violin).

AndraLaMoussia released two highly acclaimed studio albums on Israel's leading alternative music label "The 8th Note" and played many venues in Israel and around the world, Performing in major jazz and world-music festivals in Italy, London, Moscow, Bangkok and more.                                                                                                             


“good old musical and artistic authenticity, with a generous helping of technical ability "......... (Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post 20.7.2010)


"An ensemble of musicians with rare stylistic flexibility (…) exhilarating and amazing"
-Yediot Tel Aviv
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