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Ittai Binnun -

Music from the streets of Jerusalem

My Selected Music

This is a selection of some of my favorite tracks. follow my music on Spotify or Apple music:

“gaily crashes through cultural boundaries and will get even the most leaden-footed of listeners tapping a toe or two at the very least”

- Songlines magazine


Jerusalemite Ittai Binnun draws his inspiration from the many different traditions that make up his truly fascinating city. During a short stroll through a single street in Jerusalem, you can hear chanting from a synagogue, Turkish pop music, Arabic Maqqamat sung at a mosque, a Klezmer clarinet and a Rock band playing in a basement – all at the very same time! This rich cultural abundance all finds its way into Binnun's unique joyful music.

Ittai Binnun is a internationally renowned composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Founder and leader of AndraLaMoussia - an innovative world fusion ensemble and of the “Ethno-Digital Music” project Ittai & the Toys, he performs throughout Israel and the world, and played in major jazz and world-music festivals in NYC, Canada, Italy, London, Moscow, Bangkok and more.  


"While umpteen genres and styles flow, it is all done seamlessly and harmoniously."  (Songlines magazine)

In 2004 Binnun formed AndraLaMoussia, a six piece ‘world groove’ band with a group of renowned musicians. AndraLaMoussia released two highly acclaimed studio albums on Israel's leading alternative music label The 8th Note. 

"An ensemble of musicians with rare stylistic flexibility (…) exhilarating and amazing" (Yediot Tel Aviv).

In 2015, Binnun formed the Ethno-Digital project Ittai and the Toys - a solo project with guest artists. Performing a surprising upbeat combination of the old and the new - Binnun plays traditional instruments through electronic effects, communicating directly with the audience and responding to their vibe. Using modern sounds and gear alongside ancient, traditional instruments, is a unique setup which enables Binnun to create a live, dynamic and spontaneous sound. His skill for improvisation allows for quick and easy collaborations with local artists wherever he goes - An "Ittai and the Toys" gig is always a party. In 2016 Binnun released the project's debut album.  Ittai’s next album is due this coming November. 


"A fun, moving and exciting album. A pretty good indication of where forward-looking Israeli ethnically-fueled musical endeavor is going"

- Jerusalem post


Ittai Binnun has also written and produced original music for a series of plays and films. As a central figure in the Jerusalem music scene, he is relentlessly active, contributing as a player, engineer or producer in fellow musicians' recordings and live shows. 

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